Written evidence submitted by Mrs Hilary Todd [GRA1945]



I am writing to respond to the call for reforming the above Act.

The safeguards and guidelines in place should be left as they are.  The requirement for medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria must certainly be left in place.  Also for the individual concerned to have lived for at least two years in their preferred gender.

To remove these safeguards would be wholly dangerous and irresponsible.  To adopt a self-declaration model would open floodgates for all kinds of problems and complications, mental, logistical, physical, legal, spiritual and emotional.  I believe more suicides would result from the removal of the already in place safeguards.

Candidates for transgendering could change their minds at will several times during their lifetime; this almost certainly would lead to more mental instability, psychoses and heartbreak and strain for those who are close to them, in family life or any societal situation.  Applicants should completely understand the decision they are going to take and have time to think it through properly, with the correct consultation with experienced qualified medical staff.

The age limit at which people can apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate should not be lowered.  Such a life changing process cannot be treated casually and be accessible to teenagers who have not yet voted or legally purchased alcohol or cigarettes.

The statutory declaration must be reversible, so that those who regret changing their birth sex can return to their original identity.

The spousal consent provision should be kept in place.  A marriage partner should not be forced to accept without permission, their partner’s change of gender.

The evidence of teenagers with gender dysphoria also having other mental issues e.g. eating disorders, self-harming, is very substantial.  It has to be considered whether social media, peer pressures or the promotion of transgenderism are having a disproportionate effect on young people.

I am a committed Christian and hold to the Biblical teaching in Genesis that we are made male or female.  Even if I were not a believer, I would be most alarmed at the removal of the medical safeguards that are presently in place.

Thank you.

November 2020