Written evidence submitted by Ms Bailey [GRA1935]




I write to you as a cis (ie, non-transgendered) person who has studied and worked alongside various trans people over my life, and who has seen that their experiences interacting with the current provision for trans healthcare are currently inadequate compared to the good and useful work our healthcare system provides elsewhere.


I am sure you will have responses from many trans people who interact with these systems directly and can speak in more specifics, but I wanted to write a short note to say that as an outside observer, I think the way these services are currently provided are letting trans people down. The proposed changes seem useful, but unlikely to make a significant difference: my understanding is that there’s plenty of studies showing that transgender folks are significantly financially disadvantaged, so is there a need to charge money for a gender recognition certificate at all?


To discuss the specific questions:

Not having legal documents match the holder’s current name and gender can be a barrier to obtaining work. Removing this and other fees seems useful to help trans folks be part of the workforce.









November 2020