Written evidence submitted by Bobak [GRA1927]


While they are positive changes, they are completely insufficient – the government must fund medicine properly, reform medical practices, and end discriminatory legislation, particularly that makes refernce to “single sex spaces”, which has a very harmful effect on society.

Removed, and anything that impedes someone’s transition should be removed, be it financial or not.

Yes, transgender people should not have to be subject to examination to be who they are.

Yes, it’s a waste of time and tax-payer money, remove the bureaucracy and get the government out of these people’s lives, except to help them.

The statutory declaration imposes that trans people commit to their descision for the rest of their lives, which is short-sighted and fails to account for the full range of possible lives that people can live.


Spouses should not be allowed to force each other into anything, and something so personal should hardly be excempt. The provision needs removal.

Yes, to no higher than 16.

It will make for a more equal society. Cisgender citizens do not need to go through any rigmarole to be recognised as their gender, and nor should trans ones.

Allow for the recognition on nonbinary genders, blanket ban conversion therapy, and provide state funding for medical transitioning.

Yes, but it remains insufficient.


Because it’s a painful waste of time.

The GRA is illiberal and results in pain for people, and while the EA is better, it needlessly makes use of the phrase “single sex spaces”, which is far too easily misconstrued and misused. Both could stand to be improved.

They are clear in that they are clearly used to discriminate against trans people. Individuals should be the target of any safety legislation, not groups.

No, as said before, access to transition among other issues still need to be solved.

No access to medical help, great risk in crisis centers, and LGBT youth programs are losing funding.

There needs to be top-to-bottom integration of genderfluid and non-binary identities as a component of gender identification. This includes birth certificates, passports and driving licences.


November 2020