Written evidence submitted by Moro [GRA1820]



When we have single-sex segregated spaces the need is usually because of sex. It is becoming increasingly difficult for women to have women only space on the basis of sex without being accused of some sort of bigotry. There needs to be clear guidance to reinforce the rights of women to have single sex spaces and services.

I have had several experiences where the easily proclaimed policy to say ‘Trans women are women’ causes extremely difficult situations to resolve in practice. These ideas often have to be enforced by people in low level jobs such as:

On a trip for young people where a male teenager who identified as a girl was allocated sleeping quarters with one other girl who did not want to share with this person. Her wishes were overruled.

A male bodied person being granted access to women’s changing facilities and when women complain they are told they are wrong, and they no longer use the facility.

Trans women taking a hugely disproportionate number of seats on boards and in organisations allocated for women for the purpose of sex equality.

Trans women competing in sports and causing there to be little point in women competing.

Lesbian dating and meeting groups and sites being overwhelmed by males claiming to be female lesbians, to the point that groups have folded.

Groups set up as a safe place to discuss women’s biological issues such as regarding breastfeeding, menopause, male abuse, are infiltrated by male sexed people who insist they have a right to take part under law.


This ambiguity causes has caused huge issues between the different groups protected under the Equalities act. This is further fuelled by the fact that hate crime can be recorded against one group, (women) if they asert their right to single sex services and spaces but as women as a category is not protected against hate crime in the same way, those asserting their rights are subject to a great deal of harassment and sometimes a police record.


November 2020