Written evidence submitted by Smith [GRA1745]


I am a Christian and believe the truth of the Bible. God created male and female. There is no God given authority or scientific reason for there to be any other category.


The requirement for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria should not be removed. God created men as men and women as women. It is a serious matter to undergo a sex change and removing the medical diagnosis would make it a trivial matter.


Social media and the promotion of transgender in schools all plays a part in the increase of referrals for gender dysphoria. Peer pressure is also a big factor in people getting caught up in these ideas.

Being seen by a medic can also help provide alternative measures and also check out if there are other underling health issues, which if the diagnosis was removed could cause them to be overlooked.


The requirement for individuals to have lived in their acquired gender for at least two years gives an opportunity to reflect about the seriousness of the life-changing effects of a sex change and the period should not be removed or shortened. Important life changes are not People should not be rushed into making this decision. Transgender people do change their minds and can be left with a body that is significantly changed and feelings of frustration at being allowed to make the decision so quickly.


The age limit at which people can apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate should not be lowered.

Under 18’s are extremely vulnerable to peer pressure and are at a time in their lives when things are changing from child to adult and that brings with it its own insecurity and can lead to mental health issues. Under 18’s are protected by law, which stops them being able to buy alcohol and cigarettes which can damage health. They also need protection with regard to their gender.


November 2020