Written evidence submitted by Bethany Summerfield [GRA1536]

Q1 The proposals do not go far enough and fall short of the initial scope of the reforms

Q2 There should be the lowest possible fee as money should not be a barrier especially given the rates of unemployment in the trans community

Q3 A medical diagnosis should not be required for a legal process

Q4 This requirement involves policing others gender. It should be significantly shortened or scrapped

Q5 No views

Q6 This should be scrapped. No one should be able to hold another person hostage in something as fundamental as their gender identity

Q7 no views

Q8 It’s disgraceful that so many views were dismissed on the earlier consultation and that this changes very little for trans people

Q9 What has already said

Q10 the Scottish bill is better as it goes further and better recognises the reality of people’s lives


November 2020