Written evidence submitted by Dr Andrew McGrae [GRA 1534]

Will the Governments proposed changes meet its aim of making the process kinder and more straight forward?


No, the process will still rely on convincing a panel of strangers about your gender based on obscure, inconsistently-applied bureaucracy. It will still be possible to be denied and set back years due to not having forms from decades ago or minor errors in your submission. The process needs to be replaced with a system of self-identification similar to the much easier process of getting a legal name change.


There should be no fee, and no gatekeeping restrictions regarding medical diagnoses or time livedas the correct gender. There should certainly be no veto for a persons spouse - this is not their decision to make. Ultimately the process should be as simple as possible, the supposed worries about what if someone wrongly makes the decision are effectively nullified if it is equally easy to undo the change.


The proposals also need to cover legal recognition of non-binary and intersex individuals.


Questions regarding single-sex facilities are a red herring as the Gender Recognition Certificate has no bearing on these. Trans people have been using facilities appropriate to their gender for as long as such facilities have existed, and no one is waiting on an obscure piece of documentation that only matters when getting married before doing so.


November 2020