Written evidence submitted by Samuel (GRA1492)

Please review the UK’s unnecessarily difficult and unkind system and grant trans people some dignity. Between long Gender Clinic wait times, transphobia and employment challenges, life is hard enough for trans people without our Government making it harder.

Please remove the requirement for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria. We do not require non-heterosexuals to receive a medical diagnosis before they can act on their natural desires.

Please review the Statutory Declaration. Cisgender people are not required to swear lifelong allegiance to their gender. Trans people should not be required to either. Gender identity is not binary, and for those who are outside male and female definitions, it adds unnecessary complication to have this requirement. If you are concerned about the GRA being abused, you could limit a person to making one change per X years, or consider other, more nuanced measures.

While speaking of non-binary people, please provide legal recognition for a non-binary identity on legal paperwork. This would remove a great deal of discomfort experienced when filling in forms. I personally find choosing between MALE or FEMALE boxes very distressing.

Please reform the Spousal Veto. This is powerfully discriminatory against trans people. Would a cisgender person expect their spouse to have legal dominion over their body and their life choices? Of course not. Trans people should not face this either.

Overall, I ask you to review the GRA process to make it less complex and bureaucratic, and aim to include those who may not fully or partially medically transition. Body parts do not determine a person’s gender identity.

I want to be proud of the United Kingdom, but the present legal system trans people must navigate—including overly complicated rules around gender recognition for marriage purposes, after they have already legally changed their gender elsewhere—is shameful and discriminatory.

Let’s do something positive in 2020. It’s been a dark year, especially with prominent celebrities and the media attacking trans people. I would be so pleased to see the Government make positive, thoughtful changes and take a firm stand against cruelty and discrimination based on sexual identity.

Make us proud!


November 2020