Written evidence submitted by K Smith [GRA1445]

Submission re the government's response to the GRA consultation


        I don't think that the requirement for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria should be removed.  To do so would open up the process to abuse by predatory men.   History tells us that predatory men get themselves into situations where they get access to women and children to abuse eg paedophiles who join the priesthood/youth football teams, Jimmy Saville, John Worboys etc.

        For reasons stated above I also think that the requirement to 'live in the acquired gender' for 2 years should not be removed.

        The age limit for a GRC should not be lowered.  Most young people confused about their gender identity do not go on to transition/ or dentify as the other sex.  Many young people struggling with their gender identity are on the autism spectrum and/or history of sexual abuse or other trauma.  They should be helped to genuinely explore the root of their pain/confusion.

        I think the Equality Act should be clearer on the rights of service providers to protect single sex spaces to make it explicit that women's services can mean biological women. 

        I think that there should be services for people who identify as trans re domestic violence.  These services should be extra services set up specifically for this population.  Currently they are included in some women's services.  The capacity of women's refuges is already woefully low, so women are being denied services if some places are offered to people who identify as trans.  There is also a negative effect on women in refuges if someone with a male body is housed in the same building.  Whether that person poses an actual threat or not, the women there cannot know that and therefore are likely to feel unsafe.


November 2020