Written evidence submitted by Mrs Christina Grimwade [GRA1428]



The changes made to the GRA, after months and months of “public debate” feel like a kick in the teeth. Trans people have been slandered, talked over and ignored, all the while enduring an attack in the press.

We asked for the process to apply for a GRC to be simplified, and costs removed, inline with most developed countries. What we got, was a long drawn out process, that ultimately showed in favour, but might as well have been ignored. All so we could update our birth certificate. Something rarely used for most. The current GRA makes it clear, that possessing a GRC still allows trans people to be excluded on a case by case basis. This wasn't to change, nor was it asked to be.

During this time, wait times for trans care have continued to sky rocket, with people referred 3 or more years ago currently  still waiting. Hate crimes have increased. News papers have been given free reign to platform hate groups. People with no qualifications or expertise are put along side doctors and lawyers “for the sake of balance”.

It's so bad, at least one trans person has been granted asylum to escape the UK.

Please, removed the cost. Simply the process. Allow a non binary option. Allow under 18s to apply.


November 2020