Written evidence submitted by Mr Beckett Frith (GRA1403)

Question 2

Removed. Finances should not be a barrier to someone accessing legal recognition of their gender.

Question 4 –

This barrier should be removed entirely. This is because, for some trans people, it is simply impossible to live as your correct gender without extensive medical intervention. For example, I still frequently get stopped when I use men’s toilets. This is therefore discriminatory against those who do not ‘pass’ well as their gender.

Question 6

This barrier should be removed entirely. It is unfair to give a spouse such enormous control over their partner’s life. Divorce can still be initiated if required, but to allow someone control over someone else’s very personal experience of gender is unacceptable.

Question 11

Because it’s overly complicated and filled with barriers that put people off.

Question 16

Absolutely. Recognition in law would be a hugely positive step forwards.


November 2020