Written evidence submitted by Ms Austyn Bambrook [GRA1348]




I am an individual


Since childhood I have suffered depression and low self-esteem, and have sought treatment on numerous occasions. I’ve always known the cause and for the last 7 years I’ve been attending a specialist NHS Gender Identity Clinic in London - world leaders in the treatment of transgender people.


I’ve learned that being transgender is not a choice. The only choice is whether to acknowledge it or hide it. Through fear I chose to hide it for most of my life. As I’ve grown older, society too has grown up, and the law has changed to recognise people like me exist and to help us live without fear. Because of this I now choose to stop hiding and explore what it means for me to be an openly transgender person. I’ve been open about it for 12 months now and have suffered no negative consequences, and my depression ans self esteem are both improved.


My reasons for submitting evidence is to encourage continued progress in the recognition and inclusion of trans people by society so fewer people need to feel shame and fear for what they are.



My Evidence for the Government’s response to the GRA consultation:


Will the Government’s proposed changes meet its aim of making the process “kinder and more straight forward”?











Wider issues concerning transgender equality and current legislation: 







November 2020.