Written evidence submitted by Mr Martin Smith [GRA0504]


Gender Recognition Act


This is a very emotive subject and those people who are enmeshed in this situation deserve our respect and assistance.

In all but a minute proportion of humans, being male or female is a clear binary state.  Every single cell in the body is identifiable as male or female.

Whether or not people believe the Bible, it is crystal clear:- “So God created mankind in His own image;  in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”  Genesis 1:27

So the Bible and science are completely in harmony – physically and genetically humans are male or female.  Any anatomical confusion is not only rare, but obvious.

The issue therefore is not anatomical, it is psychological, but none-the-less real.  The fact that so many labels for “gender dysphoria” have been coined makes the psychological problem much more defined.

In today’s society where there is such a passion for being able to do what one wants, the issue is one of safety for vulnerable people, both those with “gender dysphoria” and those who may suffer from those who may abuse Gender Recognition.

In order to protect vulnerable young women in particular, the legislation MUST provide ADEQUATE SAFEGUARDS to ensure that any gender change is for genuine reasons, certified by a medical practitioner.

SELF DECLARATION of gender change is a recipe for DISASTER and should be AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS – one incident of abuse of Gender Recognition should be enough to renounce the whole situation.

God will not be mocked – He is totally serious about His creation.  He passionately loves the people enmeshed in the LGBTQ+ scene, but hates the fall-out from such relationships.

November 2020