Sue Woollcott – written evidence (CIC0380)


House of Lords Constitution Committee

Inquiry into the Constitutional Implications of COVID-19



  1. After 65 years of being a lawful, thoughtful, mostly kind and hard-working woman, in March I suddenly found that the civil and human rights I had enjoyed were removed from me.  I protested against this – for myself and for all people.  I thought I would be joined by hundred of others because it was obvious to me that what was happening was wrong and dangerous.  I have been fined for my modest protest.


  1. I have written to my MP (respectfully) four times and have been ignored.  I approached Amnesty International but found they were not interested.  THIS IS A CRIME AGAINST ALL PEOPLE and we have no redress.  There does not seem to be proper procedure going on in Parliament.


  1. The was that 'information' has been conveyed to people has been through a media using the language of fear repeated over and over and over (brainwashing)


  1. Nearly everyone I know is fairly certain that the threat was made up – and the most obedient of people are beginning to say – no one is sick, no one is dying,