Written evidence submitted by Ms Zaneb Ali



My children are home educated and were due to sit exams this summer. They are under 11 age, but have been studying for 2 GCSEs to the exclusion of all other subjects because they are staggering their exams. This is because they both have processing speed issues and so they cannot take on too much at once. We also have financial constraints which prevent us from being able to pay for tuition and exams all in one go. Not allowing them to be given a grade this summer, will impact severely on their carefully planned timetable and will have a knock on effect on the other subjects which cannot be started until they achieve a grade for the present subjects. As well as having an adverse effect on their motivation and mental health, this would set them back a whole academic year before they could apply to college. I urge you not to discriminate against the homes education community and to withdraw the condition that children be of year 11 age in order to achieve a grade this summer.


April 2020