Written evidence submitted by Mr John Harding (TPW0026)


My name is John Harding, a retired individual privately-funded professional beekeeper of 40 year’s experience who has discovered the very reason for Covid-19 and why honeybees are dying in man's care, confirming why honeybees see a world we, humanity, do not see and why they are dying that could be prevented if all sciences are included. For example:

Using my discovery-link my beehives live for 20 + years without dying out or have not used any chemicals since 1992 to treat for the parasitic mite “Varroa”

I am happy for this letter of my work/research to be published and allow for others to see there is a solution, as it will highlight a Government who are not transparent to new research that cannot be faulted or dis-proved. 

While stupidity exists in the world there will always be something to write about. Why would I state this very fact?

The same problem exists with our changing weather and planting trees as it does for a solution to Covid-19.


Neither problem incorporates all sciences within the equation.

Planting trees is not the complete solution that will not mature for another generation which the error will not be realised until then, so I ask you to reconsider the following:

I will not explain fully unless my research of 40 years is agreed where a face-to-face meeting can be arranged for further discussion of the extensive details of the bullet-points below.

All the above can be attained if an original Patent Application GB2003322.1 or GB2003322.1 was authorised. It is for this reason why I cannot disclose all if any of this written evidence is published, as this would jeopardize and invalidate making void any future patent application.

You may feel this is a strange way to start a submission for a very serious issue, but, until my conclusive, finite research is used for either problem of Climate-Change, Planting Trees or Covid-19 the stupidity will continue using a ‘sticking-plaster’ scenario, where no solutions will be found, which is why I attach a letters sent, if space or facilities are available, to the Prime Minister and 2 letters to HRH The Duke of Cambridge Prince William regarding The Royal Foundation-The Earthshot Prize.

To plant trees, that takes more than a generation to get to maturity, it is for this reason why mistakes made today will not be realised until 100 year’s time, but then, other issues have to be addressed to maximise on planting any trees by understanding how evolution started and how Planet Earth works. May I recommend a face-to-face meeting to explain in more detail because the answer although simple is complex to understand by any politician who is governed by pressure, lobbyists, environmentalists and do no research to prove true or false, hence, making the same continuing mistakes we have witnessed with Covid-19.

All life requires natural non-physical phenomenon to maximise growth and longevity for the purpose intended when evolved millions of years ago, unseen by the human-eye shown on many natural documentaries but to the untrained eye of alleged narrator-experts will never be identified or seen as cause for concern, state at the end of the programme: "Wildlife is a mystery we will never know the answer." Yet my research answers all the anomalies seen within these documentaries and the anomaly of Covid-19.

The camera does not lie but can be influenced by selective filming to highlight a problem to help their agenda and cause, many being charities, asking for donations to continue their work.

You state:

It is not the public that needs to be transparent but a Government that is difficult to contact or give factual-data.

You ask the following questions which may or may not be the correct questions to ask:

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee is seeking written submissions, by Thursday 19 November, addressing any of the following questions:

* 1) Are the UK Government’s targets for increasing forestry coverage, and tree planting, for England and the UK sufficiently ambitious and realistic?

* 2) Are the right structures in place to ensure that the UK wide target for increasing forestry coverage is delivered?

* 3) How effective is the co-ordination between the four nations on forestry issues, including biosecurity, plant health and other cross-border issues?

* 4) Why were previous ambitions for increasing tree planting in England not met and what lessons should be learned?

5) In relation to increasing forestry coverage in England, what should the Government be trying to achieve? For example, how should the following policy objectives be prioritised?

    -  Mitigating or adapting to climate change;

    -  Promoting biodiversity and nature recovery;

    -  Increasing biosecurity and plant health;

    -  Improving human well-being and health;

    -  Protecting natural and cultural heritage;

    -  Food security;

    -  Creating commercial opportunities from forestry, tourism and recreation; and

    -  Any other priorities?

6) Are the right policies and funding in place to appropriately protect and manage existing woodlands in England? How will prospective changes to policy and legislation effect this?

Unless my research is used, I cannot tell all, as someone else will steal/borrow like Francis Crick who allegedly used Rosalind Franklin work to take the Nobel Prize and all the financial rewards and recognition, for Rosalind to die a few years later, to be recognised for her discovery 40 years after her death. I do not want to be another Rosalind.

I am available for a face-to-face meeting to explain. However, briefly an overview to my research that cannot be disproved or faulted:

Unless the above is considered that will take a minimum of 100 years with some plants where-as Oak Trees require hundreds of years to reach maturity and need to be planted in specific positions The Woodland Trust are not aware of using New Research, if not, will wither and die or grow in a disfigured manner being no good to anyone but will not be known until the next generation.


What you are suggesting is a 'sticking-plaster' scenario to appease the masses or the environmental lobbyists who do no research or know how Planet Earth works, where Politicians know even less, which is why we find ourselves in the situation we currently are where money, greed and stupidity control the gullible public who are led by 'social-media' where one comment that is untrue becomes fact by repartition.


The United States Energy Department sent an email because they have a major problem with Solar-Panel Farms and Wind-Turbine Farms KILLING millions of birds and insects daily. My research solves that very question however they did not like the answer which you will not like either but at what cost? Sustainable energy or killing millions of birds and insects daily if my research is not used.


Wildlife do not see the world humanity sees, they see an invisible world we ignore and is the reason why no answers are forthcoming for Covid-19 yet, using my research could be over in weeks, forever, rather than the recurring lockdown the 'R' Factor Formula dictates my research can prove is wrong 100% and can only be changed by the Prime Minister to change attitude and direction.


All computer-models are wrong because science does not use all sciences within any evaluation, diagnosis, medication or treatment hence, confusion, anomalies and no answers when the answer lies within another science.


Please remember wildlife do not suffer from anomalies, you must ask why? They use all sciences to survive daily, we, humanity, do not, I can prove 100%.


November 2020