16 November 2020


House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee


Economics of Music Streaming


  1. UK Music is the umbrella body representing the collective interests of the UK’s commercial music industry, from songwriters and composers to artists and musicians, studio producers, professional recording studios, music managers, music publishers, major and independent record labels, music licensing companies and the live music sector. UK Music exists to represent the UK’s commercial music sector, to drive economic growth and promote the benefits of music to British society (see annex for full list of members). The UK commercial music sector is a vibrant and diverse industry and as our soon to be published Music By Numbers report reveals, prior to the COVID pandemic, an industry seeing dynamic growth.


  1. We welcome this inquiry into music streaming and its impact on the future of the music industry. We hope that the evidence submitted by members of UK Music, performers and record companies, composers and music publishers as well as their collective management organisations will inform the DCMS Committee about the status of music streaming, legally and commercially.


  1. UK musical talent is a global success story and in order to continue to be a key contributor to the UK economy as a net exporter we need support to ensure all parts of our ecosystem survive the impact of the pandemic and return to growth as quickly as possible.


  1. Given the wide range of interests of UK Music members we refer to their respective submissions. Complementary to the individual submissions UK Music stresses the need for a strong copyright and enforcement framework.  A strong copyright regime is key to attracting and retaining talent as well as ensuring the best possible financial return on the music we create in the UK. 


  1. This will make sure that the whole music industry benefits from the growth in music streaming which we expect to continue in years to come.




UK Music’s membership comprises:- 













For more information please contact Tom Kiehl, Deputy CEO and Director of Public Affairs at UK Music on tom.kiehl@ukmusic.org and 07720 496 555.