Written evidence submitted by Brown [GRA0196]


I am writing as a member of the public and a cisgender woman who is a mother.  It is my understanding that transgender people are a vulnerable group in society which are not well-protected by existing legislation, in part because the process of obtaining proper recognition of their real gender is very restricted (and unavailable to non-binary people).

The Scottish Government’s recent proposals, and the UK’s government’s recently conducted consultation, seemed like steps towards positive change, and I am disappointed that the UK’s government’s current proposals do not remove any of the main barriers to the process.

I disagree with the view present by some groups that the reform asked for by the trans community is a threat to women and children. These groups do not speak for me – I believe their views are harmful and reactionary, and it is my hope that the UK government introduces significant reform more in line with the Scottish government’s proposals. 

November 2020