Written evidence submitted by Mr David Macarthur [GRA0195]


I am a cis-gendered man from Scotland in my early 30s, it is my heartfelt opinion that the current UK government has failed the transgendered people of this country. The UK government has repeatedly made promises of easier transition while only taking the most minor of steps and leaving these peoples right to live as a matter of opinion and not legal fact. It’s frankly been an insult to the trans community.

48% of trans gender individuals have attempted to commit suicide compared to 10% in the UK with 84% having considered it. 41% of trans people have been attacked or threatened with physical violence over the past five years and over the past two years this has risen to 65% and 70% of trans people actively avoid certain areas for fear of assault. These figures are directly proportionate to the actions of the government in setting the precedent for the country and its reactions. If the government do not support the trans community then it is setting in the mind of the populous that this is correct. With over 55% of trans people having been the subject of negative comments within the workplace and 44% having felt discriminated against something fundamentally at the foundations of our way of life needs to change.

The Scottish Government hold my support as it is still committed to reforming the Gender Recognition Act but this cannot simply be Scotland leading the change as it always has been in all matters of equality. We are a United Kingdom and the whole kingdom should be progressing not Scotland leaving the rest of the kingdom behind.

I cannot overstate how much this all lands on your desk as the committee and implore you to everything within your power to save the people of this country.

November 2020