Written evidence submitted by Miss Lilibeth Glover



My evidence comes from the many voices of my school and all of our opinions to how the GCSEs are being A.considered and B.taught in schools. First of all my school in stance of teaching as become an overall rush to get as much work out in from the 6 months we lost, as a current year 11 student studying for my GCSEs this situation has become unbelievable stressful and resulted in constant panic as to how I’m going to get all my information and studies revised to my best before the exams take place, furthermore the 6 months of teaching we missed as pupils isn’t being caught up it is only being briefly covered as teachers “don’t have the time” to go over all the work which WE practically taught ourselves, my point is backed up by the fact that all work given over the lockdown period equaled a days amount of work which means each week I would only be doing school work for a singular day. Compared to being at school doing a overall of roughly 7 hours worth of work a day.


To add to my opinion, the government have only provided sources of reversion and catch up work to year 11s but in order to do so we would have to not only re learn all knowledge we were taught on top of new information given, and then general school work and revision for mocks. Yes it can be argued that the government have given us a 3 week postponement for the exams however 3 weeks realistically cannot make up for the 6 month period we missed. Last years GCSES were cancelled with a 2 month period missed and so doesn’t it only make sense to give the clarity and fairness students need and to cancel GCSEs, not only for those of us arguing that we had to catch up but for also those who have missed weeks of face to face learning through constant self isolation periods. From a students point of view speaking for my fellow peers it does not seem that the government have given any real thinking into how the lockdown effected students and have simply postponed the issue and some what “pushed it under the rug” as though we are being asked to sort the problem out ourselves, which quite frankly isn’t good enough, if the government wishes to treat us like adults then make us and all the adults in lockdown fair.



Kind regards,

Lilibeth Glover



December 2020