Written evidence submitted by Rachel Bolt 



My name is Rachel Bolt and I am a professional viola player, whilst you will not be familiar with my name you will hear my performances everywhere you go.

I have recorded for artists such as Adele (the albums “19” and “21”), Amy Winehouse (“Valerie”, “Rehab”), Robbie Williams, Take That, Sam Smith, Emily Sande, One Direction and Joni Mitchell to name a few.

These recordings were all done under the British Phonographic Industry/Musicians Union agreement. The current fee for this £130 for a three-hour session and I frequently record four or five tracks in a session.

For example, my fee for the Amy Winehouse recordings “love is losing game” “back to black” and “rehab” was £113.40 for all three recordings under this agreement at the time.

Likewise, my fee for four tracks from the Adele album “19” was £151.20.

Of course in order to do these recordings I have to provide my own instruments and bows, the current value of which is around £70,000,I also have to pay to maintain and insure these. As you can see this is a huge amount in relation to the fee I am earning from the recordings themselves.

As a session musician I do not receive any income from streaming whatsoever.

My royalty income for radio broadcasts is paid to me via PPL and is vital to me as otherwise the frequency of sessions and the fee for the recordings would not constitute a livelihood.

I understand that the reclassification as “communication to the public” rather than “making available” would generate a fair income for me and urge you to consider this.

Thank you.

Rachel S Bolt