Written evidence submitted by a member of the public (GRA0122)


I am responding to this consultation as your wanted to hear evidence from individuals.

I have been the victim of misogyny on a number of occasions, I am a biological woman and have been punched in the face by a man in an unprovoked attack, breaking my nose, because of his hatred for women yet although the police caught him and tried to prosecute him the CPS refused as they said “it wasn’t in the public interest”; misogyny is so rampant that London CPS see a man breaking the nose of a woman as not of interest. Although I was treated at the royal free I still suffer than breathing problems years later because I still have a deviated septum. The CPS didn’t bother to inform me they decided to drop charges, I discovered it from the police.

I have also been in an abusive relationship with a man who beat me up so badly I was unrecognisable and the first police tried to blame me, although it’s a biological fact men are stronger than women; luckily the second serious attack which left me needing stitches and am permanently scared, did take it seriously and took him to court. He was given probation which lasted about a month, so more belittling of a hate crime towards a woman because domestic abuse is misogynistic.


As I’ve already pointed out I know from first hand experience misogyny is rife yet people who simply identify as trans have more rights than women who are in far greater danger and suffer far more. In fact in Britain trans are statistically the safest minority group out there, while woman and children are left fending for ourselves.

To blur the lines between trans and biological women looks like nothing more than an attempt to undermine women further.

After I got away from my ex I was frightened of men for a whole year, if I’d had to share spaces with men who identify as women despite having strength giving testosterone and a penis I would’ve been terrified. Womens safety, mental health, dignity and boundaries have not been considered during this very aggressive campaign by very vocal trans rights activists with billionaire backers and tax payers money.

Trans people already have protection in law, but very wealthy lobby groups are wanting to take away what few rights biological women have; all I see is a misogynistic campaign that does nothing for social cohesion, does nothing for trans people that just want to live their life in peace and does nothing for women and children who already aren’t protected enough.


November 2020