Written evidence submitted by Ms Liv Naylor (GRA0119)


My Name is Liv Naylor, I am a 38-year-old Non-binary individual who has lived in the UK my entire life. I am writing this as I feel that trans people such as myself have been let down by the proposed reforms to the Gender reform act and it is my hope that this enquiry will still enable the changes so desperately needed for all trans individuals in this country.

The Government’s response to the GRA consultation:

No – Still having your gender decided by a panel at an undisclosed cost and still needing a diagnosis of gender dysphoria is both demeaning and unnecessary. The impact of not being accepted on and individual’s sense of worth and mental health is huge and the cost of obtaining a diagnosis is prohibitive to many.

Why not charge the same as a replacement birth certificate (£11)? Please just cover the admin costs.

Removing the diagnosis requirement will save many from having to provide private proof of dysphoria that their GP may be unwilling to provide. This can be hundreds of pounds if done privately which many do due to the lengthy waiting lists of access a GIC.

In May 2019, the World Health Organisation removed transgender as being a classified mental illness. To keep this in would make the UK appear to be backwards in its feelings towards providing a society that it fair to all it’s citizens. It is demeaning that this is a requirement, it makes me feel unvalued by this country I was born in.

Yes, two years is too long to wait when many have been building the courage to make the transition for years. Please remove this requirement.

I am not sure why this is a requirement – surely this is something that can be decided by the married individuals without the need to for a separate formal declaration?

This one is often abused as leverage during divorce proceedings and used to gatekeep obtaining a certificate by the spouse of the person undergoing the transition. Personally, this put me under a lot of stress during my divorce as I knew this could be used against me and made less inclined to fight for my legal entitlements as part of my divorce.


I do not believe an individual’s happiness should be impacted by there being an age limit

These changes make little to no impact whatsoever and have made me feel like the government do not listen to what those who have undergone/are undergoing the process feel. The waiting times will still be lengthy and the feeling of being persecuted just for being myself will remain under the current proposed reformed

Allow us to self-declare! Remove the need for a diagnosis, reduce the cost to and admin fee. Give us back our dignity.

No, it is still too prohibitive and procedural.

Wider issues concerning transgender equality and current legislation:

Because the process is demeaning, psychologically impactive, expensive, and lengthy.

I do not think they are fit for purpose. They make no provision for non-binary people and are often used a talking point for attacking our existing rights in the media.

The Equality act does protect us. Please do not change it!



No binary people suffer the worst as the amount of education about being trans in services in general is very hit and miss which makes me apprehensive to access any service unless I know that they treat trans people the same as anyone else.

Yes, let us be recognised legally. Not being able to lawfully have your status on official documentation leaves you feeling let down and not understood. We are not asking for special treatment. Just equality.

November 2020