Written evidence submitted by Mx Becky Scott (GRA0118)


        Why is the number of people applying for GRCs so low compared to the number of people identifying as transgender?

I am a Transgender person who has not gone through the process to getting a GRC yet for two simple reasons:

Currently the system for GRC exists in a system which does not allow for non-binary individuals like myself to apply for it would involve making a false declaration of myself as a person who identifies as the other gender instead of not either gender.

The need for medical evidence has also pushed me back as I have not actually started the process of getting onto the waiting list for hormones due to transphobic pressure from home fueled by the current media hysteria about our existence forcing me back in the closet at home for the past decade.

        Are there challenges in the way the Gender Recognition Act 2004 and the Equality Act 2010 interact? For example, in terms of the different language and terminology used across both pieces of legislation.

The Equality Act should be updated to include terms such as Gender Expression and Gender presentation as well as these would protect myself better than the current court rulings which do protect non-binary people in the work place - I would rather have explicit protections for gender varient people which isn’t covered under the term “Gender Reassignment”.

        Are legal reforms needed to better support the rights of gender-fluid and non-binary people? If so, how?

Currently there is no legal recognition for non-binary genders in the law, there is also no standard recognition for the Mx title, meaning that my gender being recognised by companies and the government is on a case by case basis. The Labour Party did allow my letters and membership card to have the Mx title but my bank, my passport and all my governmental documents are falsely under the wrong title as there is no legal way for myself to change it.


        GRA reform proposals and consultation and Press transphobia.


The current reform proposed by the government basically does absolutely nothing for anyone wanting to get their birth certificate change. It still requires a panel of cis people to approve their thing, useless medical information being given which shouldn’t be required and does nothing to help young transgender people or non-binary and gender-fluid people like myself from actually accessing the GRA.


The proposal for “opening 3 more GRC” was a total lie as these were previously announced and this does nothing about the 2-3 year waiting lists to actually be seen initially. These delays mean that people have to spend money going to private options such as GenderGP and when adults and parents of young transgender people do the media then attacks the clinic and gets its hormone provider investigated under false pretences.

The last 5 years or so we have had the media constantly attacking us - The BBC has set out a massive silencing policy that forbids news people from attending “controversial protests” which just means when people are advocating for transgender peoples rights and that the police shouldn’t be killing black people (BLM protests.) while also allowing their correspondents to attack transgender peoples rights almost weekly on Newsnight and daily in newspapers.


This includes the government leaking aspects of GRA proposals talking about cancelling it and other stuff just to get the transphobic public to talk about it. This has negatively effected my mental health measurablely and when the final proposal was announced it basically amounted to absolutely no change so that the transphobic press won.


We need recognition of Non-binary people in the law.

We need the GRA to just be as simple as changing your name - something I did literally by accident when I went to university in 2004.

We need press regulation to stop them sprouting hatred of transgender people daily.



November 2020