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[Note: This evidence has been redacted by the Committee. “***” represents redacted text.]What I Think of Home Education

By [***]

I really enjoy being home-educated.  I get to look up all the things I’m interested in, and I can learn quickly with my mother’s help.  If I went to school, I would not be able to do several things, for instance, walking a dog around my beautiful village at the time of day when it is most lovely, going to the library and finding things I’m interested in, and having the time to learn at my own pace.

There are problems, though.  I don’t like how the media frames home-education as something bad and something that has to be stopped.  Hearing negative views continuously can be tiring.

I must say, I would much more prefer to be home-educated than go to school.  I have lots of friends, and meeting or visiting them is a special treat. [Relationships maintained remotely during COVID-19.]   I think it brings out the most of our time together.

When I go out for walks, I see plenty of people who I recognise, and so I say to them ‘Good morning.’  Several people ask me why I’m not in school, and when I answer them, I say proudly, ‘I’m home-educated.’

November 2020