Written evidence submitted by Jenny Chime


-A statutory register for HE children is not required and instead, is ill treatment

of one's right to Home Educate.


-The benefits children get from home education is appropriately tailored teaching,

where due attention is given to the needs of the children. Much different to

an overwhelmed setting where one adult must keenly attend to a large number of



-The quality of  positive support given by HE childrens parents are greatly unparalleled.

Of course the financial support could be much greater as there is currently none

outside of the Home Educating household.


-The current framework to ensure wellbeing and academic achievement of home

educated children is more than sufficient. There are plenty points of contact for

support whereby any may be required.


-Except for exceptionally few reasons for concern, no formal inspections

are necessary, as parents have adequate incentive to ensure their beloved children

attain the best type of education that is necessary for them.


-The effects of Covid19 have been unfair closures of HE resources that are required for

HE childrens learning. To mitigate this in future, there must

be clear guidelines that elaborate that HE resources may continue in operation.


November 2020