Written evidence submitted by C Jordan


I know home schooled children from different families and I am always impressed by their innocence and beauty.   They are also well educated, respectful and polite.   A delight and models to both children and adults alike.

Children belong to their parents, not to the state.  I see the introduction of such a law detrimental to the family and to children.  This could lead to a dictatorial state which people are happy to denounce in other countries.  Children are not property of the state.   This would also lead inevitably to the micro-management of homes and the relentless intervention and monitoring which has ruined state education.  This would undoubtedly mean lots of burdensome paperwork, bureaucracy and a waste of money which could go to professional teachers in the state system. It seems ludicrous that parents would have to register to teach their own children!

The current situation seems to work well and authorities have powers to ensure intervention for safeguarding.  It also gives parents choice should they decide for one reason or another to educate their children at home.  The idea of monitoring is worryingly intrusive.

Illegal schools are a totally different issue from parents who decide to home school.   The two should not be linked.  There is a danger that parents who decide to home-school may be treated with suspicion.

Parents could be supported financially with exam entries.

November 2020