Written evidence submitted by a Member of the Public

[Note: This evidence has been redacted by the Committee. Text in square brackets has been inserted where text has been redacted.]




The reason why I have decided to contribute to this consultation is the fact that I am a parent of 4 children who were exposed to both British state and private schools. Please accept my views as an opinion of somebody who lived in a country [personal information] and whose family [personal information].


Children are essential part and the fulfillment of family life. Their education is a natural right and responsibility of their parents. Any attempt of state to erode this right and usurp control over this essential element of upbringing will result in its own degradation, erosion of personal freedoms and suffering of many. Please do not forget that Marxists ended up killing millions of innocent people in a ‘good faith’ and in the name of a ‘greater good’.


My experience from years when my children attended state schools was overwhelmingly negative. Power of the state in the so-called “state schools” is felt throughout. Ruthless insensitivity to child’s emotion, family life, army-like organizational methods are unpleasant memories that will stay with us. [Personal information]. All in the name of ‘concern’. When my youngest daughter told me [personal information].


We also have good experience with private education, which is basically complete opposite to state-style of schooling. However, financial responsibility closely tied with such decision is often beyond the means of many families.


Home schooling is a unique, third way of UK education. So far this was a shining example of family freedom and manifestation of authorities’ respect for parental choice. Introduction of home education register and further controls, already existing local council policies and attempts to overlook, monitor and control it will be a big loss to this significant freedom that British people had. Home-schooling families are already ‘nervous’ and feel bullied by local councils and social services that look with suspicion on ‘home schoolers’.


It is not a role, nor the responsibility of state to control education. Role of the state is to guarantee personal freedoms. Principle of ‘innocent unless proven guilty’ should not be perverted into ‘guilty unless proven innocent’. Concern of state officials about children safety in their own homes with their own parents and misuse of state power to control family life is loss, insult and a sign of degradation of the society.  As somebody who lived in a [personal information], it is my duty to raise the concern of clear trend of British politics to implement totalitarian and Marxist ideas into societal life. Best and safest place for children is their natural family. Any attempt to help, support and promote natural family will benefit children. Any attempt to undermine, control and oversee the family, will hurt children. If your intentions are good than protect British families, their rights and you will greatly help their children.



November 2020