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Home Education call for evidence


Entry into Home Education.

If removing from school I feel the parents should be asked whether their choice to Home Educate is being made due to school failures. This due to the fact that off-rolling is still happening and that [personal information] bullying is often a problem in school which is not dealt with sufficiently by the school management. [personal information].


I believe that the LA should encourage schools to be understanding of newly HE parents. [personal information]. I believe that this kind of conduct is unfair and LEAs should encourage schools to behave positively with parents who are leaving the school setting.

I believe that LAs currently have sufficient powers to ensure the education and safeguarding of Home Educated children. I believe that supporting parents is the best way LAs can do this. I have a very understanding , supportive and hands-off LA and I had a very good relationship with them. Their behaviour enabled me to educate my daughter with their encouragement and concentrate on that rather than having to spend my time justifying my decision and justifying myself.

I do not believe  that any compulsory register of Home Educators is just or fair. After all, children born in this country have already been registered. Enrolling into a school is optional and therefore putting a childs name on that school roll is optional.


I know people who have had Local Authorities who have behaved unfairly with them and illegally. Currently parents renoving children are writing to their head teachers and many are being told that the head is unable to renove them from thw school roll before a meeting has taken place. This is illegal. Should Las and schools be given more powers this illegal behaviour will be encouraged durther. It is very disappointin that schools and LA’s do not have to conform to rules and regulations and cant be fined or prosecuted as HE parents can be when they behave improperly. Who is monitoring the LA's and schools behaviour towards HE parents?


The assumption should be that parents will HE their children well and a yearly report should be enough to demonstrate that. Some parents may need help and often there is a lot of help avaolable withon the HE community itself. Efforts should be made to wncourage them to have contact with the HE community locally and nationally.


I enjoyed Home Education and I am very proud of my dauggter who is now at university. [personal information] but I am pkeased that she experienced Home Education qnd knows that being different is ok.

November 2020