Written evidence submitted by Mr Gideon King

Some of the benefits children gain from home education


My name is Gideon King, and I am an 18-year-old A Level student, having always been educated at home.


One of the most useful things about home education is the flexibility it allows.  The fact that you do not necessarily need a lesson timetable is helpful because you are able to spend less time on the subjects which you find easy to understand, freeing up more time for those you find more difficult.  Home education also gives good opportunities for one-to-one learning.  In a home educating family, there can be the possibility of older siblings helping teach their younger brothers and sisters things they themselves have learnt previously.  Besides, being home educated can help you to form multi-generational friendships, enabling you to handle people of all age groups.  Home education also encompasses so much more than book/academic learning; you learn essential housekeeping skills which are necessary for adulthood.  The absence of a school commute gives more free/study time.

Home education has been particularly useful to me during the pandemic.  My own personal studies changed very little during the first UK lockdown (which happened while I was still 17.)  While the pandemic did change my siblings and my education (field trips, for example, became impossible) it changed much less and did not go online like many children who attend schools did.  My exams were delayed, but that was not a significant problem.  I was actually grateful for the extra preparation time!



November 2020