Written evidence submitted by Ms Willo Williams


Section 437 of the education Act sets out local authorities’ duties in regard to home education. Local authorities should only take action when it appears the education is not suitable. This should not be measured by school standards as home education takes many forms. Home education is not a safeguarding issue {section 47,Children Act} the local authority should take action only when it has ‘reasonable cause to suspect that a child in their area is suffering or is likely to suffer significant harm’.

Parent’s educational choices should not be cause for a statutory register which are only used for criminals and certain professionals, both of whom require government oversight. Singling out a group of children because of parents educational choices would be an unnecessarily stigmatising policy.

Home educated children learn and make progress towards their goals and achievements the same as children who attend school. For our family the benefit of home education is in being able to tailor the education to our child’s ability and interests and to work at his own pace. The main disadvantage is that we as parents feel obliged to submit near constant reviews to LA’s and consultations and enquiries from Westminster justifying our choices.

We as parents do not want or need any extra support that is not available to other families.

Off rolling, unregistered schools and exclusions should be addressed with the educational establishments in question and not home educators. The current regulatory framework for home education is sufficient.

No such inspections are required. Home education is not a safeguarding issue and inspections especially from Las who do not work within their remit can cause unnecessary anxiety to parents and children.

Few it would appear as we are being asked again to justify our educational choices by the same body.

I do not believe Covid-19 has made any difference to home educated children different from schooled children.


January 2021