Written evidence submitted by World Protection For Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade


We have multiple concerns

Our charity which is in Consultative Status with the UN focuses on ending the dog meat trade in Asia and the rehabilitation and rehoming

Of the dogs and cats

We are run by volunteers many with special needs

Our charity is suffering because we can not do our outdoor events and being small in revenue under £50,000 we have no government support. We are not eligible to apply for a single grant.

The Government still will not change its policy to allow pets to fly into UK in the hold of the plane. Not the cabin but as accompanied baggage. We are forced to drive to Europe where it is allowed but now can not do this.

Westminster has not offered us any help for our charity despite the fact we also offer outreach to local people needing supplies. We deliver dog and cat food to those in need and also place some of our dogs with those shielding for company.

Our volunteers report of horrific hardship. This is due to the Local Housing Allowance Cap. It is simply not possible to cover London rents especially central London when the cap on benefit is £295 for a one bedroom and £365 for a two bedroom. A £20 increase makes no difference and people have significant arrears and no way out. We simply can not understand why this has not been addressed.

Further, residents and indeed our volunteers and supporters who need their cars for essential journeys are being penalised by the congestion charge.It is simply not right to have to pay even with a discount to leave the zone/ attend a hospital appointment or get shopping.

A side concern reported to us ‘ on our rounds’ is NHS GP such as Cavendish Health Centre charging £100 for private Covid test but not able to test the vulnerable who can not make long journeys. Again, more financial hardship for the desperate

Human and animal suffering is linked and we feel it our duty to raise these matters.


November 2020