Written evidence submitted by Mrs Ruth Trump


House of Commons Education Committee call for evidence on home education.


My husband and I are grandparents and one of our children’s families have been home educating for the last 9 years. At first we were quite sceptical about the benefits, but we have to say we are very impressed with the way this is working out, with the level of academic attainment of our grandchildren so far and the way they are flourishing as a large family unit. They are able to be more flexible than if they were all in school, and they use the time well in individual music lessons, and group sports activities etc with other local home-schooling families. We note that our grandchildren are all learning the vital skills of self-directed study, and that they are motivated to study well.

From the evidence we have seen, we do not think a compulsory register of home-educated children is necessary with termly inspections, but rather that this would constitute an unwarranted state intrusion into the family life of perfectly ordinary law-abiding citizens. Where there is abuse, of course, action should be taken, but we already have this provision in law. And any new legislation would place a great burden on local authorities by directing their attention to every home-educating families, this taking away their time to focus on the few problem families.

Our children, the parents of this particular family, have chosen home education because they believe this is the best option for their children, and we support them in their choice. We are strongly against any further regulation and inspections, as we do not believe them to be warranted.


January 2021