Written evidence submitted by Mrs. Yinka Hurst

1 The duties of local authorities with regards to home education, including safeguarding and assuring the quality of home education;

This statement is erroneous, and it illustrates how far society has drifted away from understanding that parents should be the authority when it comes to their children.

The definition of safeguarding is: “To protect something or someone from being harmed, lost, or badly treated.” *

Is this not the job of the parent? Especially if that parent is home educating.

Assuring the quality of home education? How could the local authority even know how to address this in each individual home. Children learn differently, and the beauty of home education is that we can address that in the way we plan our children’s education.


2 Whether a statutory register of home-educated children is required;

A statutory register is not required. It would serve no purpose in our home education life. It is purely for the government to feel comfortable, and feel in control. Having a register will not add value to our home education just, extra work and unnecessary stress. We want to be given every opportunity to home educate in peace, to enjoy the learning ahead.


3 The benefits children gain from home education, and the potential disadvantages they may face;

We as a family have thrived on the ample benefits of educating our children from home. The quality of our lives has extremely improved since home education. There is time to bond as a family, while teaching rich material to our children. We are able to tailor each child’s education to there natural learning style. Some of my children explode up the learning gradient, and some need a bit more help to climb, however they will reach their goals in a safe environment that does not dissect their character, or personality.

Strong families build strong communities, strong communities build strong cities, strong cities build strong countries, and strong countries build strong Nations.

The more time you spend with your family is a positive experience.

4 The quality and accessibility of support (including financial support) available for home educators and their children, including those with special educational needs, disabilities, mental health issues, or caring responsibilities, and those making the transition to further and higher education;

There is substantial support found within the home education communities. There are legal, educational, recreational, not to forget wellbeing, and general support found in the home education communities around the UK. Many of us parents did and some still have professional careers, most of the time these skill sets are shared, and weaves a strong framework for home education communities.

5 Whether the current regulatory framework is sufficient to ensure that the wellbeing and academic achievement of home educated children is safeguarded, including where they may attend unregistered schools, have been formally excluded from school, or have been subject to ‘off-rolling’;

We their parents are the best equipped to determine how our children are doing, what they need to work on, and how to meet our goals for our children.

6 The role that inspection should play in future regulation of home education;

There is no positive role that inspection could play in the home education community. How can you inspect something you do not fully grasp? This whole review, and call for evidence demonstrates there is a lack of understanding about home education. Home educating our children is one of the hardest things a family can pursue. It is easier to put them in school and have a free day. We chose the hard way because we truly believe we can give our children the best education. Education is not about passing exams and getting jobs at the end. It is about building character, developing a child that knows how to think, learn, and impact their community. We are developing leaders, who one day will proceed to save and advance our nation. This is why it is rewarding to watch your children grow and develop.



7 What improvements have been made to support home educators since the 2010-15 Education Committee published their report on ‘Support for Home Education in 2012;

Real support is found within our home education communities.

8 The impact COVID-19 has had on home educated children, and what additional measures might need to be taken in order to mitigate any negative impacts.

This has not directly affected our family.

November 2020