Written evidence submitted by Mrs Sally Metcalfe


Home Education is a wonderful opportunity for families to learn together and to build life long relationships with each other. For us a big advantage of home education is that we can share our Christian worldview with our children through all of life. Our children are freer to be children – their lessons are completed quicker because they’re not waiting for other children to finish and so they have more time to play both inside and outside. Home education provides them with the ability to interact with a wide range of people at home education groups which tend be broader in age range and diversity than a classroom. Our children are free to pursue their interests because we have more time for them because there are only four children in our home not thirty. 


Children are the responsibility of their parents not and of the state and to change this would be detrimental to families. There are already many safeguards in place to protect children at risk of harm in their home. Creating a register would not help to spot children at risk of harm but just create more bureaucracy. Under the current education act a child’s education is the responsibility of the parent whether that is sending them to school or educating them at home. 


December 2020