Written evidence submitted by Gill Kilner



I am a home educating mother of five who has been keeping the “Sometimes It’s Peaceful” blog on home education politics since 2004.

Below are your points in blue, my responses in red.


         The duties of local authorities with regards to home education, including safeguarding and assuring the quality of home education;


These are set out in Section 437 of the Education Act. Parents assure the quality of the education. Officials take action only if this seems unsuitable.

      whether a statutory register of home-educated children is required;


This is not required. Home educators are neither criminals nor the kind of paid professionals that need government oversight.



      the benefits children gain from home education, and the potential disadvantages they may face;

I don’t know where to begin to answer this, but the benefits of a good education are well known and documented. Ditto, the disadvantages of a bad one.


      the quality and accessibility of support (including financial support) available for home educators and their children, including those with special educational needs, disabilities, mental health issues, or caring responsibilities, and those making the transition to further and higher education;


I don’t think home educators are seeking any special support.



      whether the current regulatory framework is sufficient to ensure that the wellbeing and academic achievement of home educated children is safeguarded, including where they may attend unregistered schools, have been formally excluded from school, or have been subject to ‘off-rolling’;


Parents are responsible for their children’s wellbeing and academic achievement. Sections 437 of the Education Act and 47 of the Children Act instruct local authorities to take action if there are specific concerns.



      the role that inspection should play in future regulation of home education;



Schools are inspected to satisfy taxpayers of the efficacy of their investment. This is not  relevant for home education.


      what improvements have been made to support home educators since the 2010-15 Education Committee published their report on ‘Support for Home Education’ in 2012; and


None of which I am aware.


      the impact COVID-19 has had on home educated children, and what additional measures might need to be taken in order to mitigate any negative impacts.’


It’s up to parents to mitigate these impacts. Officials should only take action if it seems necessary under Section 47 of the Children Act or Section 437 of the Education Act.


December 2020