Written evidence submitted by Amanda Morgan Kenwrick (GRA0106)


Re. Reform of the Gender Recognition Act 2004


My name is Amanda Morgan Kenwrick and I have been fighting for Women’s Rights since the 1960’s.  In all the years since then, I have never  experienced the hostility, abuse, threats of violence, and attacks on women and those hard-won Rights  that  I have seen in these last few years, and all coming from the TransGender lobby.


Before discussing any reform of the GRA, it is essential that terms are defined clearly and unambiguously, unlike the present situation. Where once the terms sex” and gender” were considered synonymous, this is no longer the case. In science Sex” refers to biological sex, which is determined in-utero and observable in-utero from around 20 weeks as well as at birth, and according to established biological science sex is binary and cannot be changed. Gender”, on the other hand, is now used to describe any one of a growing number of socio-sexual stereotypes and constructs which are, unlike sex, entirely a matter of choice and infinitely changeable


In addition, the term Transsexxual” should not be confused with Transgender”. Whilst the term Transsexual” is something of a legal lie” it involves Sex Reassignment Surgery and in its time served a legitimate purpose of paving the way to same-sex marriage. It should be necessary, in order to qualify as a person of the opposite sex to which one was born, that one should first have a diagnosis of Sex Disphoria (gender being merely a social construct), followed by medical intervention and Sex Reassignment Surgery. Even in these cases, the patient should have the right to have these interventions reversed as far as possible. 


Groups promoting the Transgender agenda” and Self-Id” without any need for medical diagnosis or intervention are promoting it to the exclusion of all else. The term transgender”, according to Stonewall, includes transvestites, drag queens, gender queer”, and a variety of fetishists, whilst denying the validity of same-sex attraction and is therefore ultimately both homophobic and misogynistic. These groups most definitely do not not represent the LGB community, in fact quite the opposite, much of their agenda being actively homophobic.


The GRA 2004 does need some reform but opening it up to the whole of the trans“ community by self declaration also opens up huge risks to women and particularly young girls in single sex changing rooms, womens refuges, hospital wards, womens prisons, etc., where any person bearing a GRC (which most people understand as those who have undergone Sex Reassignment Surgery) could then gain access. Denying women the right to single-sex spaces is to deny women safety, privacy and dignity.


A GRC entitles the holder to recognition of the sex stated on that certificate for all purposes”.   However for women, especially young girls, it is unacceptable for them go into a communal single sex changing room and see someone with an erection or even flaccid penis simply because that person holds a GRC. The condition of living as a woman” is meaningless, given that there is no way this can be defined rationally. In addition, allowing Self-Id” renders a birth certificate worthless, as it would census returns, medical records and research.


Self-Id” also threatens Womens Sport, where already we are seeing fewer and fewer women taking part in sport in those countries where the Transgender” agenda has become law. Women are also losing places to men identifying” as women on all-women shortlists, womens literary and other prizes, and in various other situations. Indeed, if trans women” get their way, there will be no room for genuine cis” women on committees, including political and parliamentary committees. We have already seen women pushed out of similar groups.


It interesting to note that for all of human history, except it would seem for the last few years, neither men nor women have had any problem whatsoever in determining who is male and who is female. This of course suited men as it allowed them to identify those they could own and subjugate on the basis of sex.  It is only since women started gaining equality, and obtaining privileges and prerogatives until then only available to men, that suddenly men dont seem to know what women are any more. It would therefore seem that the definition of a woman” is whatever suits the prevailing male patriarchy.


Womens sex-based Rights are under threat from what is essentially a homocentric agenda, and this should, and must be recognised. The Transgender” agenda is not about inclusivity when it essentially excludes women, homosexuals, parents - everyone in fact but men and trans women”, i.e. men.


Also to be borne in mind is the law of unintended, at least on the part of women supporters of Transgender” ideology, consequences - in this case the erasure of women as a sex class.” 


November 2020