Written evidence submitted by [member of the public]


[Note: This evidence has been redacted by the Committee. Text in square brackets has been inserted where text has been redacted.]


I am in favour of parents being free to choose to home educate their children. There are many reasons why parents make that choice, whether for the whole of their child’s education or for a shorter period.


Home education offers you the freedom to prioritise the needs of your child or family. For example, one of my closest friends had four children two of whom [personal information]. The parents chose to home educate the other two children to give them un-distrupted time and focus while the other two children were cared for in another setting.


I have another friend whose three children attending state school. Their third child [personal information]. After making the decision to home educate, their daughter has thrived and the [personal information]. This action by the parents, saved their daughter needing expensive, time consuming [personal information] health intervention by the NHS.


Home education offers a bespoke opportunity for those who for a whole range of complex reasons don’t fit the one shape fits all approach of our education system. For the vast majority state education is excellent, but it isn’t for everyone.


Both of these families have given an excellent education to their children. They have gone on to succeed in the same way those who physically attend a school would do. Unfortunately, it isn’t available to all because of the financial constraints such as having to pay for exams and it would be helpful if the government could offer assistance with this.


The state shouldn’t interfere in what parents are doing, however, perhaps rather than being treated with suspicion, parents could have support available to them if they wish.



November 2020