Written evidence submitted by [member of the public]


[Note: This evidence has been redacted by the Committee. Text in square brackets has been inserted where text has been redacted.]


I am a home educating mother to two children, [age] and [age].  Both of my children have been home educated from birth and neither have atttended any formal childcare or  educational settings. 


In September my daughter started a full time [course] at [name] College.  She was due to start at Level 3 but did not meet the entrance criteria as she was unable to get Centre Assessed Grades for the iGCSEs she was due to sit in the summer.


Our family currently do not have a relationship with our local authority. Neither of my children have any special educational needs for which we would require support and I’m not sure how I feel about local authorities “inspecting” home educating families.  


The term “inspecting” implies that the inspector has a preconceived criteria. The beauty of home education is that each child can have an education entirely tailored to their needs.  In all cases, the parent or guardian is best placed to know how best their child learns and at what rate they should progress.  I don’t have an issue with being registered however.  Particularly if this enables local authorities to identify vulnerable children and notify social services.


COVID-19 has highlighted inequalities between school and home educated children accessing exams. The cost of exams can be prohibitive so home educators choose to take less exams.  Access to private exam centres has always been an issue but since the summer many private centres are no longer taking private candidates.  Private candidates were denied the opportunity to enter work directly to exam boards to obtain CAGs and most private exam centres refused to rank home educators against their own pupils.

Home educators have to pay for all course work materials, exam fees, invigilation, marking of past papers with no financial support from the government.  I believe most home educators would resist the additional burden of LA inspections without better access and support for exams. 


November 2020