Written evidence submitted by Mr Joshua Metcalfe


Dear House of Commons Education Committee,


I would like to express my view that home education is a vital part of the education system and should be given the freedom to operate without interference.


Our family have home educated our children (7 & 6 year old) for the last year. Because my wife has the time and skills to do this we have found it to be a great way to educate our children. We are a working class family (I am an electrician) who are unable to afford a private education, but we would like to help our children achieve well academically and have the time to pursue areas of interest they enjoy. We have found that all of this is much more achievable with home education. I am therefore suspicious of any move that may limit our freedom in the future, and would ask that the current freedom from government interference continues.


One of the interesting things about getting to know other families who home school is to see the range of personalities that develops in home school children. Having the freedom to spend more time doing what they enjoy, along with not having the peer pressure that school brings seems to me to allow personalities and strengths to blossom in a way that the state education system is rarely able to nurture. The children that I have met who come through home schooling are in my experience more rounded people, more confidant, better able to learn new skills in a work environment, and have a range of interests and strengths that is wider than most state school children.


I would therefore like to say that in the interest of building a society of variety, strength, confidence & cohesion that homeschooling should be protected as a valuable part of the education system.


Yours faithfully,


Josh Metcalfe


November 2020