Written evidence submitted by [a member of the public]

[Note: This evidence has been redacted by the Committee. Text in square brackets has been inserted where text has been redacted.]


[paragraph with personal information redacted]


I did not send my daughter to school for a single day; she was, until the age of [age], educated entirely at home. In the course of that time she gained eight international GCSEs, all at A*, and also passed various examinations in guitar, piano, acting and other things. I taught her exclusively, without engaging ay tutors. After attending a college of further education, where she gained four A levels, all at A*, she went to the [University}, where she studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics. After graduating with a First in [year], she took a Masters at [university], gaining a distinction, and has just finished a PhD at [university], where she also [profession]. At no time has her failure to attend school proved to be the slightest handicap in academic advancement. There is no reason at all why children educated at home should be at any disadvantage educationally, compared to those at school.


Touching now upon the proposed regulation of home education, it seems prudent and wise to have a register of children who are being educated at home and also to enquire from time to time whether they are making as much progress educationally as other children of their age and ability who are attending school. This seems to me a common-sense precaution.

November 2020