Written evidence submitted by a member of the public

[Note: This evidence has been redacted by the Committee. Text in square brackets has been inserted where text has been redacted.]


I have a wide of experience of home schooling and school contexts as follows:


The duties of local authorities with regards to home education, including safeguarding and assuring the quality of home education;

Yes, LA’s have a responsibility for this and already has powers to intervene. These should be used appropriately

Whether a statutory register of home-educated children is required

I’m not sure this would achieve the desired effect. It would create more work for the local authority; appear as meddling in the families of decent, law abiding families; and those who want to remain ‘off the radar’ would not register.


The benefits children gain from home education, and the potential disadvantages they may face;

My children received a better education as a result of being home schooled. (Both achieved First-Class Honours at degree level at top universities. We were able to adjust subjects, teaching styles, pace, and a flexible lifestyle which would have not been possible in school.

Potential disadvantages include isolation from others, but this is not always the case – and children who are school can be isolated or the rest of the time.

My children were involved with other local clubs, sports, families etc


The quality and accessibility of support (including financial support) available for home educators and their children, including those with special educational needs, disabilities, mental health issues, or caring responsibilities, and those making the transition to further and higher education;

Support should be available if required for the issues mentioned. (ie the LA services etc). – but Home Schooling should not have automatic funding. There will be those who take the funding and not use it for the child or in the way intended.


whether the current regulatory framework is sufficient to ensure that the wellbeing and academic achievement of home educated children is safeguarded, including where they may attend unregistered schools, have been formally excluded from school, or have been subject to ‘off-rolling’;

Home schooling should be recognised as a good, wholesome alternative/ Beware of legislation which categorizes it as being in the same league as unregistered school or treats the children as if they are equivalent to formally excluded or ‘off-rolled’ children.


the role that inspection should play in future regulation of home education;

There used to be inspections (we were inspected). If there is inspection, it should be appropriate and minimalist. 


what improvements have been made to support home educators since the 2010-15 Education Committee published their report on ‘Support for Home Education’ in 2012; and

Can’t comment – our children completed their education before then, so haven’t followed it


the impact COVID-19 has had on home educated children, and what additional measures might need to be taken in order to mitigate any negative impacts.’

I think that COVID-19 has had a more negative impact on children in school than children home-schooled. I suspect that those home-schooling just carried on as they were and adjusted accordingly, because they are used to doing that.


Member of the public


October 2020