Written evidence submitted by Jane Berrie (GRA0074)

Thank you for considering my input, which concerns some of the wider issues concerning transgender equality and current legislation listed in your call for evidence.

To give some background, I am over 60 years old and employed in the computer software industry. Earlier this year, my employer, via internal policy, allowed me to present as myself, and to be known by my female name. This includes being addressed and treated in ways traditionally-minded people tend to associate with birth-assigned females. I do not have a Gender Recognition Certificate. I had to wait almost 50 years of my working life to be myself in this way. Even now, being able to do so relied partly upon the modernity, enlightenment and valued cooperation of my employer. Everyone at work adapted easily and immediately to this situation – especially younger staff who did so without even apparently noticing anything unusual from day one.

Having said all this, there are still some important issues that affect many trans people, so here they are, as seen from my point of view.


October 2020