Written evidence submitted by Professor Stephen Taylor



To whom it may concern:




In recent times there has been a marked rise in the number of families seeking to educate their children at home. I support this trend, and believe it is due to the increasing secularisation of the education system which is directly contrary to the beliefs of many parents (e.g. Christian Jewish, Muslim and other faith communities).


Furthermore, the increased sexualisation of children from a very early age (through e.g. RSE) has left many parents (and grandparents such as myself) PROFOUNDLY concerned at the direction of travel being advised and some cases imposed by the State.


Despite the rise of HE, there is little justification that can be adduced to impose increased government oversight and regulation. In very many cases these children do very well indeed and go to become valuable members of UK society and do so without rejecting the values and beliefs of their families.

It is generally acknowledged that parents are the primary educators of children.  As such, they have both the responsibility and duty to ensure that their children are raised in such values as will prepare them for life and equip them, through education, to take their proper place in society. 


I see no reason for the government to intervene in this matter and would suggest that efforts could be better directed into regulation and monitoring of groups hostile to faith communities (e.g. British Humanist Association, Mermaids, Stonewall etc) all of whom of course have their own worldview and ‘faith’ position.


Yours sincerely,



Stephen Taylor


October 2020