Written evidence submitted by Anchor Hanover [FPS 074]


  1. Is the current planning system working as it should do? What changes might need to be made? Are the Government’s proposals the right approach?



Simplification of local plans



Streamlining of development management policies



Affordable housing and infrastructure



  1. How can the planning system ensure that buildings are beautiful and fit for purpose?



  1. What approach should be used to determine the housing need and requirement of a local authority?



  1. What is the best approach to ensure public engagement in the planning system? What role should modern technology and data play in this?



  1. How can the planning system ensure adequate and reasonable protection for areas and buildings of environmental, historical, and architectural importance?



  1. What progress has been made since the Committee’s 2018 report on capturing land value and how might the proposals improve outcomes? What further steps might also be needed?




October 2020