Written evidence submitted by Sarah Hagger-Holt (GRA0062)

I am responding as an individual and as someone who has researched and published on LGBT experience. I am not trans but I support the right of my trans friends and colleagues to be able to live their lives in safety and free from fear. I responded to the consultation which took place in 2018.

I am disappointed that the results of the 2018 consultation took so long to be analysed and have not been fully considered in the proposals for reform. The effect of the delay has been to open up a vacuum in which transphobia has been able to flourish, hate crime against trans people has risen and individual trans people feel like they are not being listened to. This is a shame and has not made the process ‘kinder’. Now quick resolution is very important to prevent this dragging out still further.

I do support the proposed changes which offer a small improvement. However, in order to make the process truly more straightforward and kind, the requirement for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria should be removed, individuals should not be required to live in their acquired gender for any set period of time and the ‘spousal veto’ should be removed. I also believe that 16 year olds and above should be able to access legal gender recognition, so they can start work or further study in their correct gender – the same should apply to non-binary people.

The arguments have been rehearsed many times already. Please listen to the experiences of trans people themselves when considering these submissions.



October 2020