Written evidence submitted by Mr Graham Field




I am the father of 4 children, all of whom have been home educated. This was done by my wife and I because we recognised that this was a responsibility that we as parents had. We were grateful that we could do so without undue interference from education authorities and have the freedom to prioritise those areas of interest that they had and those aspects of study that we viewed as important. To have the flexibility to educate them in a way that reflected our values as well as at a pace that suited their different abilities and interests was valuable.

We believe that home education encouraged them to take responsibility for their study and positively helped with their further studies at Sixth from and University where self-discipline and motivation are required.

Three of our 4 children are now in full-time employment as a doctor, a head of HR, and an insurance underwriter and our 4th child is in her final year of sixth form in a local school.


I do not believe a statutory register is necessary as it further shifts responsibility from parents to state and encourages further intrusive regulation and monitoring from the state. In any case there are sufficient safeguards in place to deal with any issues or concerns that authorities may have with regards to abuse or educational neglect. It is likely that such regulation and inspection requirements will impose further burdens on already pressurised local authorities as they will have to regulate the overwhelming majority of diligent and responsible parents in the hope of identifying those that are not. Far better to concentrate on those that are identified as at risk both in and out of school settings.


It is concerning that home education has been unfairly linked with child abuse and academic under achievement. Those who opt for home education should be encouraged and supported rather than treated with suspicion and mistrust. Parents need to be helped to take responsibility for their children’s education rather than to delegate more and more responsibility to government. Home education should not be viewed as a threat and with suspicion but cherished and parents encouraged in their loving concern for their children’s educational welfare and security.  


October 2020