Written evidence submitted by the Christian Peoples Alliance

Our position is that parents are recognised in law as the primary educaters of their children. Schools assist parents and educate on their behalf. Local authorities have no responsibility unless requested by parents.

No there is no need at all for a statutory register. That implies that LEA’s have the primary duty to educate.

Children have much more intimate support and save on travelling time. The disadvantage can be a lack of social interaction but provided groups of home educators and their children meet together that’s fine.

On line resources are very extensive. These days parents can easily get access to any information and support they need.

Yes. This appears to be being done not because problems have been identified but because politically the Government wants more control over children. If problems have been identified then give us the evidence because we haven’t seen it.

Al inspectors should be concerned with is outcomes. Are children being home educated achieving what they would normally expect to receive.  If “yes” then there is no more they need to do. If “no” then a meeting is needed.

The D of E should know what support is available.

Evidence would appear to show that children have done very well while being home educated during COVID 19.  For children already being home educated the change has been much less than for other children.  As indicated before if problems are identified then action should be taken but we are not aware of any problems that have arisen with home educated children due to Covid 19

October 2020