Written evidence submitted by Mr Simon Carter


28 October 2020



Dear sirs,

I wish to express my opinion regarding the suggested register for home educators.


Over the past 20 years state education has gone through many changes, some of which I believe are positive, others not so much. Following quite aggressive lobbying by some groups with a strong agenda, the Judeo-Christian foundation of our society has been all but dismantled, particularly in the area of education. Some of what historically would have been though of as minority concerns or fringe attitudes have moved to the top of the agenda – and these new attitudes sometimes undermine or act contrary to the values of individual families, particularly in the area of personal morality. For people of strong faith in a non-secular belief system, this can cause struggles within the family.


Therefore, I believe it is more important than ever that parents are respected regarding their responsibility for the attitudes and values taught to their children, quite independently from the state. Those who (for whatever reason) choose to remove their child from state education, either temporarily or permanently, should be allowed to do so without fear of sanction from the state. For local authorities to hold a record of those children in its area who are home-schooled is one thing, but maintaining a register is quite another, when that dictates what is acceptable regarding subjects covered, who is permitted to act as a home educator, etc. This can very easily result in people being persecuted for their belief system (you will be aware that OFSTED has been found guilty of such prejudice in the past) which is an offense in International Law/ Human Rights legislation.


In summary: I object to the proposed register for home educators and urge the government to drop it, just as in Scotland over jealous state involvement in child-rearing was recently abandoned.


Yours faithfully,


Simon Carter


October 2020