Written evidence submitted by Laura Berrill, PR Consultant and
Journalist at Freelance (GRA0001)

Sex and gender are not the same. Sex is immutable and based on biological evidence based in science. There are two sexes: male and female.

A person is assigned one of two sexes at birth. In the absolute majority of cases, this remains how that person will be for the rest of their lives and will determine their attraction to the opposite sex. This, along with the rest of the animal kingdom, means reproduction of a species.

In some (minority) cases a person can be born into the wrong body and as a result will change their sex biologically to address this through hormone treatment and surgery. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and it should be that person’s right to be able to live a happy life.

However, you cannot ‘identify’ as the opposite sex without going through this physical change. Men cannot be women if they are still biologically male. They still have their male sex organs and therefore much higher levels of testosterone than women, despite having any hormone treatments.

It is a biological fact that men on average are bigger and physically stronger (although clearly not mentally when it comes to some trans men) than women. Women therefore must be entitled to safe spaces based on their absolute sex-based rights. These rights must be upheld in every single situation to protect women and girls from predatory men who seem to think they can become ‘women’ simply by self-identifying as one.

This is wrong on every level.

The government’s pledge to drop the fees for surgery and make it easier to access therefore must be upheld and so must accurate reporting on how many men actually transition physically and biologically, in order to protect biologically-born women. They must not be given access to women’s spaces just by saying they are women.

They must prove they have transitioned.

These men should also have to reveal any criminal convictions about violence against women.

All relevant statistics and data on trans men must be complied and used to prove that they are actually women, not women with male sex organs. And this must be upheld in law.

Women’s rights matter and must be heard. Do not let the tiny majority of evil ‘trans’ men threaten our rights – at any cost.



October 2020